Saturday, August 2, 2008

Senator Kennedy Shot

Senator Kennedy Shot
Condition Reported Critical
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Senator Robert F. Kennedy was shot in the head early today by a gunman who turned a California victory celebration into a scene of terror. He was rushed to Central Receiving Hospital where a spokesman reported his condition was critical.Witnesses said Kennedy was conscious and spoke a few words as he was taken by an ambulance. An Associated Press reporter saw blood rushing from Kennedy's head.The New York senator had just finished thanking his supporters for their help in winning California's presidential preference primary election. Police captured a man believed to be the assailant. He was about 25, curley hair and olive skinned. They hustled him out through the lobby of the Ambassador Hotel, a shotgun at his back..........................................

My Memories : I remember hearing the news of Robert Kennedy's death on a hot summer morning on the way to Pine Springs Resort, a 1960's Nashville swimming hole ran by my friend Gary Allen (from the Charlie Daniels Band) and his family. I was just a kid, my mother was giving myself and a childhood friend a ride to Pine Springs. The news was that Robert F. Kennedy had been shot. I remember it being sad, that another Kennedy had been assassinated.

1968: Robert Frances Kennedy - The Tragic Assassination

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Lori said...

I was young enough to not remember that day but i did go to Pine Springs often as a child.What an awesome place. Would love a pic of it for my scrapbook. Actually, that's how i found this page! Do you have any pics of it, that you would be willing to share?? My family doesn't have any.
As an adult, my family would camp out there with my children, after the airport bought the property. But there were no docks or anything left by then.