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Gunman Slays Lennon. John Lennon Dead

John Lennon Dead in New York
Gunman Slays Lennon

Nashville Banner
Suspect In Custody
New Yorkers Fight Tears During Vigil
This was one of the saddest days of my life, when John Lennon was murdered. I'm a huge Beatles fan, and heard the news he was dead on the radio while taking a shower on that December 8, 1980 night.
Like many, The Beatles were a huge influence on myself. I grew up with The Beatles music, and this was bad.
I sat up that night watching news reports until early in the morning.
Pictures shown include The Beatles & Ed Sullivan in 1964, Grieving Yoko leaves hospital, Suspect escorted from police station & the Lennon's are shown leaving the Dakota Apartments.
I had a chance to visit the Dakota Apartments in the mid-1980's.
I hope to post my video of that trip in the future.
Text from the Nashville Banner newspaper: Associated Press -
NEW YORK - A 25-year-old Hawaii man who apparently stalked John Lennon for three days was held today on a charge of gunning down the former Beatle, as the music world mourned the death of the legendary songwriter and singer. The suspect, Mark David Chapman, was taken under heavy guard to the Tombs prison in downtown Manhattan early today to await arraignment.........
The crowd of mourners and curious rallied around a number of radios tuned to New York station playing only Beatles music. New York police officer Jack Kugan had patrolled the block in front of the apartments for five hours. "I've never seen people react like this," the officer said. "The temperature has been dropping and the wind has blown hard most of the night but many of them have stood here for hours without coats or other winter clothing"..........
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YouTube footage of TV news coverage of John Lennon's death on December 8, 1980 from various news sources

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