Saturday, August 2, 2008

Elvis Presley Dead in Memphis Tennessee

1977: Elvis Presley dies at his Graceland Mansion, Fans To Rock Legend At Graceland Today from the Nashville Banner
Memphis - The large iron gates at Elvis Presley's estate will swing open here this afternoon for the publics fleeting and final glimpse of the rock 'n' roll legend who died Tuesday of an apparent heart attack.
The body of the 42 year old singer, whose swift death rivaled his meteoric rise to fame in the 1950's, will lie in state from 3-5 pm at his mansion "Graceland" for public viewing. Private services for his family and immediate friends will be a 2pm at the mansion. The body is under heavy guard at Memphis Funeral Home where employees reportedly were not allowed near Presley's bronze casket............
Daughter Phones Death Message
"This is Lisa. My Daddy is dead." The quivering voice on the phone belong to nine-year-old Lisa Marie Presley who was breaking the tragic news of her famous fathers death of his former sweetheart Linda Thompson..............
Pictures: A 1973 picture of Elvis at a Nashville concert, and devoted fans line the gates of his Graceland mansion.
Elvis Presley dead at 42. The was big news, the King is dead. I was in Biloxi Mississippi when I heard the news. I had recently turned down a chance to see Elvis in Mobile Alabama, one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made in my life. This was at a time when bands like Boston and Led Zeppelin filled the radio airwaves, and I just didn't think Elvis was cool at that time in my life. What was I thinking?
I did eventually go to Graceland (many times) to see the home and grave of Elvis, after his death. I last went to Graceland while in Memphis for a 1992 Paul McCartney concerts at the Memphis Liberty Bowl. I have several pages of Elvis pictures in Nashville (and Memphis) on my concert web site.

1977: TV Coverage of the death of Elvis Presley in Memphis


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